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Hi, I am Dr. Lisa Lindley, a board certified gynecologist, who specializes in women’s health issues.

My focus is optimizing health through weight management, sexual health, hormone therapy and the menopause transition. My passion is educating women, because I truly believe that knowledge is power. With the advent of the internet knowledge is free flowing, but what knowledge and whose? It is my hope that this website will give you evidence based information and the tools you need to make informed decisions about your life and your health.

"Dr. Lisa has a way of presenting very complex information and making it seem simple."


"Dr. Lindley has been blessed with the ability to make her patients feel very comfortable and at ease no matter what medical questions or concerns we may have. Her gentle and kind approach to woman's health makes her the best gynecologist I've ever had." --R. Smith
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Understanding Hormones… Bioidentical, Natural, Synthetic, what does it really mean? What if your girlfriend were gynecologist and you could ask her anything? Now you can!

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