Who am I, and why did I write this book?

I decided to write this book for several reasons. First, because I am just like you, except that I went to medical school, and I happen to be a practicing gynecologist, but other than that, I am just like you. I have questions about my life and my body as it is aging. I have the same questions that many of you have, but I also have some answers. I don't claim to have all the answers, and I will tell you to beware of anyone who makes that claim, but I do have some valuable information that I would like to share with you.

As I began lecturing on women's health issues, I became more and more aware of how confused many women are. There are so many contradictions in the news that it's difficult for women to sort it out. So I decided to write a book to help women navigate this very complex information, and this very confusing time in their lives. This book isn't about telling you what to do. This book is about giving you the information so that you can make educated and informed decisions. It is based on the three most common questions on my office. What do I do about my hormones? How do I lose weight? And where did I park my sex drive? This book is about giving you power.

Like you, I am confronted with my own aging. I don't want to get old, however the alternative isn't very appealing either, so my goal is to minimize the effects of aging. I want to look and feel and be the best that I can for as long as I can.

Although I have always known that aging is a consequence of the passing of time, I never really thought about how it would feel when it happened. As I imagined myself in my future, I didn't imagine an "aged" me. I imagined a perpetually young me. Crazy, isn't it? I imagined this same version of me at some point in the future. We all know that's ridiculous, but it's natural, and it's what we all do. So now that I am confronted with time - and the mirror - and the fact that I am aging - what can I do to gracefully accept the gift - without giving in to its negative effects?

It is a gift - you know. The only way to avoid aging is to avoid living - and that is not a viable alternative - literally! I want to live a long, healthy, fulfilled life, and that's what I want for you too. So how do we do that? How do we make 50 the new 30? And 70 the new 50? It starts with attitude... attitude and knowledge. In this book I will give you knowledge. That knowledge will give you the tools to live a healthier more vibrant life, and I will help you cultivate the attitude to go with it.